Webinar Available: “Music of Brigid, Ireland’s Patroness”

I wanted to announce that I created a webinar entitled “Music of Brigid, Ireland’s Patroness.”  This is available if you click on the link below.  When you open the site, scroll down to find “Webinar” listed on the right.  Click on it and follow the prompts.  Once I have been alerted that the donation has been received, I will send you access to the webinar.  Note – this might take a few days.

Click to Receive Webinar: “Music of Brigid, Ireland’s Patroness”
$35 donation.  However, if you want to contribute less or more, you may click the orange button instead and enter in any amount!

Please enjoy!

Amy Panetta: Brigit Classes, Updates, and the Fundraiser is Ending In Five Days!

My Brigid work has been featured on the Brigit’s Sparkling Flame blog about my upcoming events, updates in my research, and the online fundraiser to research the songs people are writing in dedication to Brigid in Ireland, as well as to support the work of the Brigidine sisters in Kildare, Ireland.

I found the Brigit’s Sparkling Flame blog in an online search, probably around 2009 or beforehand.  I noted how prolific it was in the posts dedicated to research and interesting happenings on Brigid, the pre-Christian Goddess and Saint.  Anyone with an interest in Brigid should spend some time immersing themselves in the indepth blog posts!

>> View article here.

Crowdfunding Campaign: Music Dedicated to Brigid, Ireland’s Patroness

I am currently running a Generosity/Indigogo campaign starting on All Saints’ Day, November 1, 2016 and ending on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2016, because I intend to raise funds for a research trip to the 2017 Féile Bríde festival in Kildare, Ireland.  I am interested in my continuing study of the sacred music that is being written dedicated to Brigid.  Part of the proceeds will go towards the Solas Bhride center in Kildare, Ireland.     

I am in need of your support.

Please go to the campaign here to find out more information:

Music Dedicated to Brigid, Ireland’s Patroness Campaign

If you are interested in more about how I became interested in the sacred music dedicated to Brigid, please click the “Brigid” link on the menu bar.  Thank you!