WorldSpirit Drum & Song

WorldSpirit Drum and Song, facilitated by Amy Panetta, MA provides an opportunity to come together with others in an open-minded atmosphere, form community, find spiritual connection, explore rhythms and songs from a variety of different cultures, and have fun!  All levels and abilities are welcome!  We are all musical beings!  At each class, please bring djembes along.  No djembe?  Any hand drum will suffice.  A limited number of djembes and other drums are available.  When you call or email to reserve your spot, let us know if you will need a drum to use for the class.


“The flow. Yeah. Knowing you could step on the court and make it happen. You practiced, sure. But then, when you walked out there, you could just go. You could flow, that was it: you created and you didn’t totally know how. You just knew you could, so you did. It wasn’t thinking and it wasn’t imitating somebody else’s moves, though you always looked carefully when you watched good players play. But when you played… it was something you couldn’t explain…It didn’t come from thinking about it.”
― Doug Wilhelm, Falling

Amy is deeply interested in facilitating sessions which inspire others to enter into what the Hungarian social psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly calls “the flow state.”  Flow is when one is engaged in an activity so intensely that he or she enters into “the zone” or a sense of oneness, and loses themselves in the moment.  This sense of achieved oneness might be described some as reaching a spiritual state.  One could look at their watch, thinking only 20 minutes have passed, and really, their session lasted for hours.  In order to achieve flow, the participant must be involved in an activity that is neither to easy and boring nor too challenging and frustration arises.  Czikszentmihaly himself once said, “Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person’s capacity to act.”

Creating music in a safe, supportive, encouraging, stimulating, and non-judgemental community is one vehicle in which a flow state can be achieved.  The instruction and facilitation within the group is warm, friendly, humorous, and the strengths of the unique group are nurtured.  Proper holding position, techniques, rhythmic patterns steeped in rich cultural traditions are learned and improvisation is also developed.  Absolute beginners to advanced levels of performance are encouraged to attend.  Instruction is adapted based on the needs of the members of each group, providing enough structure, direction, freedom, and flexibility in which to explore.  Amy approaches each group where they are and brings them to a new skill level and sense of deeper shared community.